Gilbarco Passport

Gilbarco Passport Point of Sales System

Gilbarco Passport Point of Sale System

PCI compliance is simplified with Passport, since you can meet requirements for today and tomorrow without committing to future costly upgrades to your convenience store equipment.

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C-Store POS | Passport Register Systems for Gas Stations


Gilbarco Veeder-Root products provide optimal consumer experience with best retail results. By providing fuel and c-store merchandising at your fingertips, Gilbarco offers the opportunity for your c-store to excel in business.

Meet a Unique, Industry-Leading C-Store Point of Sale (POS) System

The Passport® Point Of Sale system provides you with the tools you need to grow, control, and track your business. With the richest third-party interfaces on the market, an easy-to-use touch screen, accurate reporting features and reliable service, you can stay on top of your c-store POS transactions while being guaranteed expert support if you need it. 

Read on for a more in-depth overview of Passport cash register benefits.


Passport® POS


All-in-One Convenience

PCI compliance is simplified with Passport, since you can meet requirements for today and tomorrow without committing to future costly upgrades to your convenience store equipment. Passport register for gas station sales also offers the most powerful fuel discounting and merchandising capability of any system on the market. For more detailed results, the Passport POS PX60 system helps you to capitalize on consumer behaviors built around rewards and discounts. 

Partnering with Gilbarco for Custom POS Solutions

Gilbarco Veeder-Root understands the various benefits partnerships can bring. Therefore, Passport POS integrates with the widest range of fuel dispenser equipment of any POS system. We develop our business relationships across all related sectors in the U.S. and abroad in order to provide customers the confidence that they’ll have the best answers or solutions to their questions and problems.
Watch the video to hear how partnering with Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Passport for your retail technology is your ticket to a profitable business. <video> 

Easy to Use

Passport’s easy-to-use touch screen reduces cashier training time and increases a cashier’s accuracy and speed. It allows cashiers to organize menus by the time of the day and offers other workflow-convenience features. Users can set reminders to display at scheduled times at the cashier or manager workstation. Easy-to-read safe-drop warnings remind for cash drops once money limit is reached.

An electronic journal captures every keystroke and includes a powerful security camera integrated in the interface. A CD backup of this Electronic Journal, a Network Journal, and Store Report data provide a set of measures against data-loss. Managers can program and require reason codes for any exception entry to decrease employee theft. Managers can also take advantage of the security grouping features in which a manager can set permissions for data and other specific functions. 

Accurate Reporting

Blind balancing facilitates effective cash control by requiring the cashier to balance the register without knowing how much cash should be in the cash drawer. For location-specific functionality, till reconciliation allows the cashier to balance the till at the manager workstation while managers can reconcile a cashier till to validate for accuracy with an option to correct or process as is.

The Method of Payment Report calculates credit and debit transactions for fuel, merchandise and car wash sales to reduce card processing fees. Paid-In or Paid-Out functionality and reporting tracks monies coming in or out of the cash drawers for vendor payments.

Promotion Capabilities

The Passport register for gas station business comes with a variety of promotional options to help you drive more consumer traffic into your c-store. 

Passport is the only POS system that supports cumulative/stacked discounts for each discount type. Linked item capability allows users to link two items together so the cashier doesn’t have to remember. Fuel discounting operations support various promotions and deliver more value to your customers. Discounting is available by card, car wash, fuel grade, and cash—helping your business capture new loyal customers. Users can also set up local accounts, including card or face-based accounts, to support commercial customers. CRIND merchandising protection enables the sale of merchandise at the pump either before or after the fueling transaction.

Superior Loyalty and Rewards

Gilbarco’s loyalty specifications are adopted from Conexxus. Our POS systems offer the most interfaces to third-party loyalty systems, are certified with eleven loyalty partners, and accept loyalty cards for payment. 

Passport integrates with the majority of convenience store back-office systems and support real-time POS journaling for BOS consumption (compared to end-of-day batching). Our equipment supports your social media programs, powerful fuel discounting, car washing and merchandising, to allow your business to reward your customers.

Remote Access and Support

Remote dial-in support enables Gilbarco Help Desk to dial in a diagnosis and fix software-related issues, reducing technician site visits and service costs. Automatic software upgrades and data migration are done via a remote download or CD. Superior Passport ASC coverage and support guarantees service by a certified network of technicians when you need it.



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